TTB is a small initiative started with the goal of embarking the voice of youth and the liberalism towards which the society is moving. We here are trying our best to break the taboos prevailing in the society.

Taboos (the hidden secrets), makes us feel distant from the people we love and care the most (our families), we are trying here to break the barrier and to carry the flag of liberalism to your loved ones with all the facts in our hand. We try our best to create a smooth ally for you to talk to your beloveds via different services. We talk about the most clandestine topics but are always open to the one you suggest.

The motto is to change the world for a better tomorrow.

We kill our dreams, our passions, live a dual life, pretend to what we are not for a society that has face masked by orthodox and for the sake of living a gregarious life because we know people won’t accept the idea of change.


Well, it’s the time for to raise a strident voice against the odds. If you live a furtive life, anxious of the society, you have landed at your place. Write to us and we will be your intercessor with all the good things in our hand.


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